Vivienne is a pathfinder, an inspirer of transformation, an organisational innovator, a movement creator, a designer, a disruptive thinker, a teamcoach, a leader in love and journey shaper, who uses her deep sensing skills to recognize what is required in the system to create opportunities for transformation.

I don't like job descriptions very much. Never did. It is also my humble opinion, that these 'job boxes' will come to an end soon and that people will take up roles, matching with their talents. That is my dream. So if people ask me 'what I do', I tend to focus more on explaining HOW I work, which is putting myself in a (whatever) system, connecting to people and strengths available, sensing what is needed to achieve the goals (or even better dreams) of the place and co-create that with those having energy for it. 

For me, 2017 is the year of exploration and purposeful action at the same time. While being in action, connected to my purpose, I can best experience where I have the most impact, added value and where I get the most energy from. So I am exploring how I can stay out of any box, yet connected to everything, offering a way of working and being that is impactful and different, yet respectful to the system I am in at that moment. 

So, at this moment (November 2017) I am serving by doing the following:

  • Guiding at Down to Earth@work: co-create events around sustainability and leadership development with customers using the movie as the main source of inspiration, since the movie is meant to be worked with, not to be consumed. 
  • Living and incorporating the global goals for sustainable development in all my activities 
  • Leading topteam journeys
  • Orientating on projects supporting the future generations
  • Purpose coaching: coaching individual people in the process of transforming their careers or lives to serve a better world by connecting and sharpening their purpose, helped by their key values.
  • Part of a worldwide 'Reinventing ourselves' facilitators movement. Finding new innovative ways to facilitate transformation in order to speed up transformation so desperately needed in the world.. Organising and attending inspiring get-togethers with like-minded souls exploring their best selves and where to have the most added value to the world.

One of the key prerequisites for everything I do, is that I have to feel there is energy in a request being made. So apart from the things I am doing at this moment, other activities that I am experienced in and am offering within VivU BuntU are: whole systems change development, team coaching, co-creation workshops, inspirational sessions, leadership development, culture assessments and more. Always built from a vision in a very pragmatic, hands-on way using the strengths of the people and organisation.

2017 'have been' activities:

  • Organising an Inspiring Self Retreat of 3 days in September at Texel, combining inspiration for your personal leadership with a lot of body treats and being in nature. 
  • Organisation innovator and inspirer of transformation at NS (Dutch Railways) operations.
  • Several team journeys and individual purpose coaching. 
  • Design and organisation of inspirational events like 'INTO YOUR NATURE' (with Down to Earth, look at this page 'Down to Earth@heart' to get an idea how it was :-)).
  • Guiding development process of Down to Earth@work.


" Vivienne has proven ability to affect transformational change across a range of commercial and operational areas and thereby making a sustainable difference to business performance. She has a strong belief that people are the main asset in any environment, business or culture. Organisations don't transform, people do. She has worked in an international context where transformation has always been the core of her work. Her background in International Management, training & development allows her to relate to the different business contexts and challenges she encounters. 

She is accredited in using the Barret cultural transformation tools, in facilitating transformation through values and has led many transformations. Vivienne is self-employed, running her own business based just outside of Amsterdam. She is Dutch and as she has worked in an international context for her entire career she is used to working, talking and thinking in English.”