Next gen Earthkeepers

"We are all Earth keepers". The header in the newspaper resonated with me, big time. When I left KLM last year, one of my dear friends gave me the beautiful book with pictures of Jimmy Nelson: 'Before they pass away'. She gave me some lovely words along with the book, that, I think, only know I start to understand. I already felt I was making myself available for something new to come, without knowing exactly what that would be. Sometimes other people around you already know or see what is coming for you. And I trusted it would become clear when the time would be right...

This week I had the honour to attend a fire facilitated by two native Americans. Wow... The love, lightness, wisdom, their way of being: it all made me totally humble, being in the moment and experiencing what wholeness really means. I was in awe. When I got the feather in the talking circle, I didn't feel like talking at all. I think words are overrated anyhow, but especially at that moment I was afraid it would interfere with the energy we were in. I did say a few words that just came out of my...somewhere ;-). It didn't interfere at all. Neither did the words of the others. From this state of being, words just start flowing and are a useful way of sharing in our society.  

After seeing Down to Earth last week, somebody asked Rolf: 'Do you think all those beautiful people, the wisdom keepers you met during your journey, will still exist in the coming generations?'. There was a silence in the church. 'No', he answered, 'and they know'. Silence again among 70 people. It was the transformational question that impacted the whole day. At the end of the day I saw something shifted in the eyes of a lot of the people present. We don't have to wait 'before they pass away' to take up our responsibility as the next gen of Earthkeepers. We can start today, only by being aware we all have a role to play in taking care of our Earth.

WANTED: Human beings in business

Everybody that reads this blog at this very moment is a human being. Whether you work or not, whether you have children or not, whether you are happy or is one of the few sure things in life: you just have to BE as you are...human. The reality is, that in our society, this is one of the most challenging concepts of life apparently. "Do you focus your event on business or private people?". "Do you want leaders or parents?". "Do you want corporates or entrepreneurs?". "Do you want men or women?".

What the f... is the difference, from a human being perspective, between being business or being human? Ok, the difference between men and women I get by now (if one ever can ;-)). But when I wake up in the morning at 4 o'clock having great ideas for work, am I business or human? When, yesterday, I have an inspiring working session with a few managers, concluding we want to truly give attention to people and not rush things, are we being human or business? If I make an appointment with a colleague to have lunch the first of Feb (which is the month of dreams) and I invite him to talk about the project he is working on AND our dreams, am I being business or human? Are all those leaders in business 'shutting off' their parenting skills when entering the buildings where they are business?

I have never understood this distinction. And it has caused me trouble regularly. In our society we need to place people in boxes to understand them. But I don't want to be put in a box, I just want to be me. Having brilliant ideas for my projects when I decide to stay in bed for a few more minutes in the morning. Being able to explain my stepdaughter the importance of values and reflection (great school, hurray!) in life. Reading hundreds of work-related books in my private time. 

I had a Skype call with Rolf Winters yesterday and in the 17 minutes we had, I felt really connected. Was that because we are 'doing business' together or because I sensed this is a human being, that 'clicks' very well to my being. Because then you can fly, is my experience. That is about holistic beings getting connected on energy level. We both have a lot of experience in corporate life as well as in our privates, looking to unleash as much human potential as Human or business?

So my wish is that as much human beings as possible are attracted to join January 27, whether from a personal, business or whatever perspective. When you are a human being wanting to get the best out of yourself and out of your nature, you are so very welcome!! 

Purpose versus proposition....selling sucks?

My relationship with social media is quite a complicated one... I do realise (and, ok.. accept) that nowadays 'if you have a website, you exist'. On the other hand I can get quite stressed because of the expectations that are automatically raised by exposing yourself on the internet: as fast as you connect to the whole world, as fast you can loose the whole world if you don't answer at the right time, at the right posts, in the right my fear. So imagine what happened when I was challenged at Facebook with the question: 'and now a bit more commercial (in other words, I red, 'cut the crap, get real and stop all bull shit about being congratulated on your own business'), what does your toko stand for?'. Red spots appeared in my neck, heart beating, agitation coming up in my, no, no! This is exactly what I didn't want anymore! I want people to value me for who I am and for what I do, because they know my intentions, because they can see my purpose radiating around me... 'Right Viv, cut the crap, now that is bull shit. You know you have to sell yourself, whatever you do and even with a clear purpose and the most beautiful intentions', a little voice within me said. 

Coming from a total commercial family, I have always been considered strange in the domain of commerce. Don't get me wrong: I am truly customer focused! Already at age 11 I created fantastic playgrounds in the garden for my siblings completely meeting their customer needs ;-)...and I made them pay for it! After all I designed, built, manned it all... But I have always had a strong resistance to 'having to sell' what you do and why you do it. 'I am building the bridge while walking on it', I answered on Facebook and that is true. The respond was 'learning how to fly while falling?', but that's not true... Flying I am already quite good at and I am not falling: I am very consciously walking a bridge, where I don't know (and don't have to know) where it will take me..

I just strongly feel this event INTO YOUR NATURE has to be. The moment I watched one of the first pre viewings of Down to Earth, I just knew I 'had to do something with it'. We were blown away by the movie and the dialogue with Rolf and Renata afterwards. The impact on me and the three friends I took along was enormous. We all felt some urge to manifest this 'blown-awayness' in some way to our own worlds, create some movement. I now know it resonated totally with my inner nature and purpose. And it all started with a picture of Nowaten (he who listens) in magazine Happinez that just clicked to my soul without understanding why. So I naively hoped that other people's souls would also 'just click' to the pictures in the flyer and the beautiful programme of the event. That that would be enough selling in itself.

The question on Facebook made me realise that (of course, duh) people click in different ways. And that selling, in whatever way, who you are, what you do and why you do it, is just part of our 2017 way of living in our part of the world, with an overwhelming amount of about everything available. And that is exactly why I would love as many people as possible to attend INTO YOUR NATURE. Because we are so damn lucky we live in this part of the world where we can afford ourselves to get inspired on our why's and what we do. So we have the possibility to learn from the Earthkeepers and each other. It is my dream to inspire and serve people to connect to their inner nature, because I believe the more people are aware of their own nature, their own strengths & talents, the more movement we create to serve the world and humanity. So if I have to sell my own purpose and the proposition of the event to live that dream, I will be very happy to do so. 

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.
— Patanjali - 'The spark, the flame and the torch', Lance Secretan

Down to earth, into your nature

IMG_5044 3.JPG

2017 is knocking at the door. Only two days to go. I love this time of the year, especially with this fog and icy white trees: everything in nature is silent and getting prepared for new things to come. Nobody knows what it gonna look like, so we can only patiently wait and see what it is going to be. What wants to be. The only thing that distinguishes human beings from nature is the fact we can use our conscience to reflect, have insights and use those to make plans for the future. Nature just is. Doesn't look back or look forward. 

In 1997 I made my first travel alone to New Zealand. For 7 weeks I just lived in the NOW and followed my intuition where it wanted to take me. It was the most magnificent journey I ever made: the people I met, the beautiful nature, the things I did, the lessons I learned. Life changing. I recently had to ask 7 people some questions as prework for a leadership retreat. Five of them answered New Zealand to the question 'at what time in my life I had been at my best'. I was at the other end of the world, no mobile phone, didn't 'do' internet....they just felt it upon my return! It was the first time I fully felt my own nature. One of my friends framed the picture with my first fish to remind himself to his pure nature. I understood I had a path to follow so I exchanged working in the air for working on the ground: a beautiful landing down to earth into a new journey.

For about 20 years I have been married to my -corporate- working life and I have had all the time to be a true seeker. Seeker for what? For about everything ;-). It has made me who I am and as one of my best friends recently said: 'you are very good in getting lost, taking people along on your way and create a path together'. One of my bosses explained me to his boss as 'the explorer you send in an unknown field to pave the way'.

With an enormous lot of gratitude I want to thank all the people that challenged, loved, misunderstood, connected, played and made mistakes as well as successes with me along this journey. Because of you I could land into my own nature: start my own business and be married to my dear husband instead of my dear KLM. So like KLM (because I still and will always have a blue heart), I would love to serve you to move your world INTO YOUR NATURE! I trust to do so, January 27, when the time is still perfect to nurture the seeds within you for the year to come!

I wish everybody all the wisdom, freedom and love there is for 2017!

Born at X-mas!

My website is live on X-mas day, yeah! It had to be this day, also to post my first blog. It was almost a manic urge. 'Crazy', my husband said, 'just relax for a few days, without thinking about your event, website and what people think about it!'. But I strongly felt it had to be X-mas. Putting the website in the air felt a bit like giving birth, although I never did. And immediately I hear Elizabeth Gilbert, who I saw this year in Amsterdam during a dialogue on her book 'Magic'. The book is a powerful plea for creativity. But even more a plea to not take yourself so damn serious and just create in order to create. Because it is very healthy, human and fun. So create without being attached to the outcome. Or to how people react to the outcome. Gilbert is a very funny person and I loved her light way of explaining how ideas travel around until they find a suitable person to land in. And how important it is to enjoy the presence of a brilliant idea with you, but don't bother others too much with it and trust that if the time is right, you can trust the process and 'it' will automatically see some kind of light.


So I won't bother you on X-mas day with the fact that I woke up this morning and knew what the title of the event in January should be. The title should not be 'Inspire your purpose day', but it is 'INTO YOUR NATURE'! I will tell more about in my next blog. Because now I can relax a bit, go bowling with my family and not take my ideas so damn serious :-).