Love is all...


My grandmother is 98. Yesterday I was ringing her doorbell and my heart started beating harder when it wasn't answered. Every time that happens I get nervous: perhaps this is the day she decided to leave this world... Fortunately I could sneak in the building with somebody else and I quickly went to the coffee room. And there she was: in her beautiful new purple twinset, hair perfect, matching jewellery, in the middle of the group, shining. Her face lit up when she saw me: 'my oldest granddaughter!', she said with quite some pride in her voice.

I laughed, because I could give her her momentum, with audience, which she loves. Her granddaughter spontaneously passed by to give her Valentine flowers and two herrings.

I bought 5 flower bouquets and the flowerist glimpsed a second too long at me, but didn't say anything. I joked with him: 'so you think I have 5 Valentine's right :-)?'. 'Well', he said, 'I didn't want to ask, but I did wonder a bit'... I told him I do think Valentine day is mainly a commercial thing (at least, that is what my husband taught me, which might be an excuse ;-)), but nevertheless I decided to celebrate love this day, very consciously. And that I have quite a few women around me, without romantic love in their lives, so I decided to indulge them with these flowers.

Celebrating made me think about a colleague of mine in transformation land, who built his business around 'bringing back love in business'.  I started daydreaming: wouldn't it be great if business was run out of a place of love instead of power, shareholders interest or fear? I am convinced   it would be better and nicer for people, planet AND profit! I wrote one of my previous blogs about it, with the title: is business in need of more science or more love? In my opinion it is definitely love. Business people often challenge me: 'that happiness stuff you're talking about and trust as the basis for collaboration, isn't that a bit too flower power? I mean, it all sounds nice and lovely, but we have to make our targets, so we don't have time for it'. That is such a pity, because we don't live in the 60's anymore: it is 2018 and there is ample scientific research to underpin my statement. From companies that work with the happiness thought leadership, but also from independent research like Gallup does, that shows how a happier workforce is not only healthier for your employees, but also how productivity increases, branding is stronger and profit bigger. 

The basis of the very inspiring book on visions of transformation from all great world leaders, 'Imaginal cells' (by Kim Polman and Stephen Vasconcellos, for more info look at is 'The golden rule'. Treat others and the planet as you wish to be treated. Isn't that the basis of all religions, but also communities, families, businesses in the world? Love.

It took me half an hour to visit my grandmother on the way to a customer. It made her day and I felt my deep love for her: two great gifts with little effort. Where can you add a bit more love today: with your partner, at work, with your family, friends? Enjoy yourself living the golden rule! To me, love is all...