Next gen Earthkeepers

"We are all Earth keepers". The header in the newspaper resonated with me, big time. When I left KLM last year, one of my dear friends gave me the beautiful book with pictures of Jimmy Nelson: 'Before they pass away'. She gave me some lovely words along with the book, that, I think, only know I start to understand. I already felt I was making myself available for something new to come, without knowing exactly what that would be. Sometimes other people around you already know or see what is coming for you. And I trusted it would become clear when the time would be right...

This week I had the honour to attend a fire facilitated by two native Americans. Wow... The love, lightness, wisdom, their way of being: it all made me totally humble, being in the moment and experiencing what wholeness really means. I was in awe. When I got the feather in the talking circle, I didn't feel like talking at all. I think words are overrated anyhow, but especially at that moment I was afraid it would interfere with the energy we were in. I did say a few words that just came out of my...somewhere ;-). It didn't interfere at all. Neither did the words of the others. From this state of being, words just start flowing and are a useful way of sharing in our society.  

After seeing Down to Earth last week, somebody asked Rolf: 'Do you think all those beautiful people, the wisdom keepers you met during your journey, will still exist in the coming generations?'. There was a silence in the church. 'No', he answered, 'and they know'. Silence again among 70 people. It was the transformational question that impacted the whole day. At the end of the day I saw something shifted in the eyes of a lot of the people present. We don't have to wait 'before they pass away' to take up our responsibility as the next gen of Earthkeepers. We can start today, only by being aware we all have a role to play in taking care of our Earth.