WANTED: Human beings in business

Everybody that reads this blog at this very moment is a human being. Whether you work or not, whether you have children or not, whether you are happy or not...it is one of the few sure things in life: you just have to BE as you are...human. The reality is, that in our society, this is one of the most challenging concepts of life apparently. "Do you focus your event on business or private people?". "Do you want leaders or parents?". "Do you want corporates or entrepreneurs?". "Do you want men or women?".

What the f... is the difference, from a human being perspective, between being business or being human? Ok, the difference between men and women I get by now (if one ever can ;-)). But when I wake up in the morning at 4 o'clock having great ideas for work, am I business or human? When, yesterday, I have an inspiring working session with a few managers, concluding we want to truly give attention to people and not rush things, are we being human or business? If I make an appointment with a colleague to have lunch the first of Feb (which is the month of dreams) and I invite him to talk about the project he is working on AND our dreams, am I being business or human? Are all those leaders in business 'shutting off' their parenting skills when entering the buildings where they are business?

I have never understood this distinction. And it has caused me trouble regularly. In our society we need to place people in boxes to understand them. But I don't want to be put in a box, I just want to be me. Having brilliant ideas for my projects when I decide to stay in bed for a few more minutes in the morning. Being able to explain my stepdaughter the importance of values and reflection (great school, hurray!) in life. Reading hundreds of work-related books in my private time. 

I had a Skype call with Rolf Winters yesterday and in the 17 minutes we had, I felt really connected. Was that because we are 'doing business' together or because I sensed this is a human being, that 'clicks' very well to my being. Because then you can fly, is my experience. That is about holistic beings getting connected on energy level. We both have a lot of experience in corporate life as well as in our privates, looking to unleash as much human potential as possible...so? Human or business?

So my wish is that as much human beings as possible are attracted to join January 27, whether from a personal, business or whatever perspective. When you are a human being wanting to get the best out of yourself and out of your nature, you are so very welcome!!