Down to earth, into your nature

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2017 is knocking at the door. Only two days to go. I love this time of the year, especially with this fog and icy white trees: everything in nature is silent and getting prepared for new things to come. Nobody knows what it gonna look like, so we can only patiently wait and see what it is going to be. What wants to be. The only thing that distinguishes human beings from nature is the fact we can use our conscience to reflect, have insights and use those to make plans for the future. Nature just is. Doesn't look back or look forward. 

In 1997 I made my first travel alone to New Zealand. For 7 weeks I just lived in the NOW and followed my intuition where it wanted to take me. It was the most magnificent journey I ever made: the people I met, the beautiful nature, the things I did, the lessons I learned. Life changing. I recently had to ask 7 people some questions as prework for a leadership retreat. Five of them answered New Zealand to the question 'at what time in my life I had been at my best'. I was at the other end of the world, no mobile phone, didn't 'do' internet....they just felt it upon my return! It was the first time I fully felt my own nature. One of my friends framed the picture with my first fish to remind himself to his pure nature. I understood I had a path to follow so I exchanged working in the air for working on the ground: a beautiful landing down to earth into a new journey.

For about 20 years I have been married to my -corporate- working life and I have had all the time to be a true seeker. Seeker for what? For about everything ;-). It has made me who I am and as one of my best friends recently said: 'you are very good in getting lost, taking people along on your way and create a path together'. One of my bosses explained me to his boss as 'the explorer you send in an unknown field to pave the way'.

With an enormous lot of gratitude I want to thank all the people that challenged, loved, misunderstood, connected, played and made mistakes as well as successes with me along this journey. Because of you I could land into my own nature: start my own business and be married to my dear husband instead of my dear KLM. So like KLM (because I still and will always have a blue heart), I would love to serve you to move your world INTO YOUR NATURE! I trust to do so, January 27, when the time is still perfect to nurture the seeds within you for the year to come!

I wish everybody all the wisdom, freedom and love there is for 2017!