Born at X-mas!

My website is live on X-mas day, yeah! It had to be this day, also to post my first blog. It was almost a manic urge. 'Crazy', my husband said, 'just relax for a few days, without thinking about your event, website and what people think about it!'. But I strongly felt it had to be X-mas. Putting the website in the air felt a bit like giving birth, although I never did. And immediately I hear Elizabeth Gilbert, who I saw this year in Amsterdam during a dialogue on her book 'Magic'. The book is a powerful plea for creativity. But even more a plea to not take yourself so damn serious and just create in order to create. Because it is very healthy, human and fun. So create without being attached to the outcome. Or to how people react to the outcome. Gilbert is a very funny person and I loved her light way of explaining how ideas travel around until they find a suitable person to land in. And how important it is to enjoy the presence of a brilliant idea with you, but don't bother others too much with it and trust that if the time is right, you can trust the process and 'it' will automatically see some kind of light.


So I won't bother you on X-mas day with the fact that I woke up this morning and knew what the title of the event in January should be. The title should not be 'Inspire your purpose day', but it is 'INTO YOUR NATURE'! I will tell more about in my next blog. Because now I can relax a bit, go bowling with my family and not take my ideas so damn serious :-).